EMC World 2013 & Momentum 12: EMC Documentum Roadmap Session

Presented by Patrick Walsh, Principle Product Manager Documentum Platform and Aaron Aubrecht VP Product Management & XPO, IIG. This session will focus on the core platform. Last year they tried to fit in everything and ran 20 min over time and half of the slides left unshown. Talks about the need for IT to deliver business capability not just applying patching ...Read More

EMC Momentum Vienna 2012: Documentum D2 and Mobile Roadmap

[caption id="attachment_1227" align="alignleft" width="300"] David Le Strat answering questions during Q&A[/caption] They started by defining what the New User really means: "Clean, modern UI, access to info everywhere, on any devices, and wirh diversity of content types" The move to D2 was because a realization of a more agile process away from traditional coding practices and towards easy instant configuration. ...Read More

EMC Momentum Vienna 2012: Public Sector

Tuesday at the conference was divided into three industry tracks: public sector, energy & engineering and healthcare. In addition to that a developer tracks and two unnamed ones. I choose to attend the public sector track for the first and last session of the day. The day kicked of with Ronnen Ronnen who is the Vertical Solutions Director for Public ...Read More

EMC Momentum Vienna 2012: D2 + solutions exhibition

Documentum D2 4.0 Tutorial [caption id="attachment_1213" align="alignnone" width="300"] Documentum D2[/caption] Monday afternoon was spent on a tutorial around Documentum D2 and the new 4.0 version. The new UI is very nice and would make it much easier to demo Documentum without excuses around its UI. As usual it is very impressive to see so many things being able to control ...Read More