Want to learn more about the platform economy?

Heard about platforms, digital ecosystems, exponential technologies, network effects and want to learn more? Here are some suggestions based on my own journey into the world of the platform economy. Why is it important to learn about platforms and ecosystems? It is the business model behind most of the most valuable companies todayIt is the business aspect of why exponential ...Read More

Dear Powerpoint, I don’t know what you are. But these are your 10 problems

By: Alexandra Kafka Larsson, support by Jonathan Hörnhagen and the community I wrote about Powerpoint 10 years ago on this blog and it is time for a revisit. The slide deck is something most people love to hate and hate to love. It also feels relevant as with more remote workers, sharing screens is becoming synonymous with sharing a slide ...Read More

Our 11 reasons why innovation for Knowledge work have stalled

Image: "Matrix code control" TheDigitalArtist. Icons: Microsoft icon family Tales from the intelligence community By: Alexandra Larsson and Jonathan Hornhagen Over the past 20 years, we have seen an explosion of digital information and new amazing pieces of software. During the majority of that time, I (Alexandra) served as an intelligence officer for the Swedish Armed Forces and felt the ...Read More

“A pen mightier than ever”, Apple Pencil’s game-changing Scribble just made handwriting relevant

Key takeaways Apple pencil’s input with text conversion now works in almost any application on your iPadOS, enabled by feature “Scribble”. A new e-pencil standard is likely established.You can now include handwriting with an end-to-end digital workflow.Pen in hand reading, highlighting and note-taking in PDFs works great with a digital pencil. iPadOS14 was revealed at Apple’s launch event on September ...Read More

Exercising digital thinking and why Highlighter Pens are really bad

– Insights, software showcase and our manifest for the transformation of content highlights By: Alexandra Kafka Larsson & Jonathan Hornhagen To fully utilize transformative technologies we have to move beyond our analogue habits and our analogue mindset. But what does that mean and how can it be practiced? How do you change an analogue mindset to be a digitally transformative one? ...Read More

Getting social with EMC Documentum?

EMC World 2014 and the sub conference for EMC:s Information Intelligence Group called Momemtum is hours from kicking off here in Las Vegas. In the light of last week's announcement from Cisco that it is dropping their WebEx Social (formerly Cisco Quad) product and instead partnering with Jive Software make me want to examine this space in relation to EMC ...Read More

What’s new and next with Documentum D2 (old notes from EMC World 2013 & Momentum 13)

Found these notes from EMC World 2013 and decided to publish them even though the next EMC World is coming up soon. This session was presented by Sunil Sharma, Principal Product Manager D2. D2 4.1 has been released. Talks about the move away from coding towards configuration. Move from efforts share of 20% configuration and 80% development to the opposite. ...Read More

EMC World 2013 & Momentum 13: Poor and Rich Media support in Documentum

Here we go again. A discussion around rich media and what it means for the EMC Documentum platform. "Poor" media such as PDF and Office-documents have their natural place and support in the Documentum platform. However, I realize that one of the arguments that I often use to describe the differences between Documentum and other ECM-platforms is the breadth of ...Read More