EMC Momentum 2012 Monday: Introduction to Intelligence Capture

Automated Document Classification

Monday at Europe’s Momentum conferences are devoted to a partner conference (which is closed for customers) and some Fundamentals sessions for us “normals”. I choose to go to the Introduction to Intelligence Capture by Sean Bird mainly because enterprise capture is an area which is something I think I need to look into more. In our project we have focused on Documentum and ECM but leveraging Captive as weel seem to make sense. What strikes me is that paper is still around and that is something I see everyday at work as well. That way citing a 4 year old IDC report around issues with paper-based document management makes sense. Laurence (Word of Pie) reminded me last EMC World that we still produce digital content, print them just to scan them back into another system. Sean pointed out that scanners today is a proven technology but it actually took a while to get there.

EMC is a bit unusual as a company I think in they way it approaches other vendors and realizes the legacy IT environment. Some companies are almost religious in not mentioning other vendors at all and insist that their products are the only ones. Sure, EMC promotes their software portfolio and is getting much better in putting an effort into integrating their own products. Still they are very open to provide adaptors and plugins for other vendors which I think is great for us customers. It makes it somewhat easier to mix products based on our needs and have EMC supports us in that approach instead of constantly trying to promote their own stuff.

A thing that was new for me was that EMC owns the ISIS (Image and Scanner Interface Specification – ISIS) through Captiva. I also learned a new abbreviation this morning and that MFP (Multi-function Printer) and in plural MFPs of course.

This week in Vienna EMC will announce Captiva 7 which includes:

  • New integrated agile development tools
  • Improved intelligent extraction and classification technologies
  • An improved user interface.
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