EMC Momentum Vienna 2012: Opening keynote

Time for the opening keynote in the big hall and what struck me first was that IIG reused the same sci.fi theme that was used at EMC World although with a “smaller” screen. The one in Vegas was huge! The theme is based on a spaceship tour that starts with “Transform IT”.

Guatam Desai, the new head of marketing for IIG was first on the scene. They showed some promotional videos from partners, one being around Atos launching Canopy. Next came Adrian McDonald, president EMEA of EMC Corporation. What struck me about his speech was how little he specifically talked about Documentum or IIG frankly. It is a recurring theme that when executives from non-IIG EMC talks at is almost exclusively about IT in general, some storage and volume of data. Talked about the software-defined data center and stated that we live in the Analytical Age. Reminded us that there will be more information created during the lifetime of a person born today than all of humanity to this date. Even the slide showing EMC acquistions over the years did not include Documentum. I think it is quite strange to stand in front of a crowd of IIG people and not adapt your message the slightest. The delivery was not full of passion either, unfortunately.

So, finally Rick Devenuti entered the stage and he brought some real passion to this keynote. He felt like “one of us” and he started off by announcing all the products.

Documentum 7
Highlights the much improved performance. Fast deployment through xMS which means that Documentum can be deployed in hours instead of weeks. Continued to explain how the concept of browsing which for long has been the cornerstone of ECM needed to be complemented with search. All this means that a lot has changed and to illustrate that he quoted CMS Wire:

“This ain’t your daddy’s Documentum”

Captiva 7
Rick chose to highlight continued focus on performance and scalability together with a new easy to use configurable UI together with increased accuracy.

Document Science 4.5
EMC’s tool for customer communications is also released in a new version with a new design client based on Microsoft Word among others things.

IRM 5.1

  • Dynamic Policy Control
  • Controlled online/offline document expiry
  • Mobile access to secure documents
Kazeon 5.1
Highlights the new 64-bit architecture .
Rick also mentioned Documentum D2 and told us that “customers have flocked to D2” which of course is great and about time. After that came segment around Syncplicity which was said to “meet the info-sharing needs of users and the governance needs of IT”. Announced the Documentum/xCP connector for Syncplicity.
IIG sees all of this in a connected approach from capture over management (of information) to communication.
He closed of by talking about the five verticals that are the focus for solutions based on IIG tech:
  • Healthcare
  • Life Sciences
  • Public Sector
  • Energy and Engineering
  • Financial Services

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