EMC World 2013 & Momentum 13: First day at the conference

The conference is now up to speed I think. It started off for real on Monday afternoon. Some sneak peaks poured out of the Global Partner Summit over Twitter though. One such thing was the rebrandning of all the partner program into something called EMC Business Partner. That means all Velocity partners and of course IIG Partners in no longer something seen in the branding. I am a bit afraid of IIG products will drown in the storage sea because there are so many more partners just focusing on storage. That will make hard to find those skilled in Documentum, Captiva and Document Sciences. I hope there will be a way to gather IIG-capable EMC Business Partners in some kind of online summary. I think the Alfresco partner directory is a good way to do it.

Migration & upgrades: Upgrade to lower costs and Unleash the power of EMC Documentum 7

Presented by David Mennie, Patrick Walsh and Peggy Ringhausen.

This presentation aimed to provide an introduction and overview of a number newly released products from EMC IIG. They outlined their presentation along the following themes


  • Product Innovation
  • Lower TCO
  • Enhanced Security and Information Control
  • Private Cloud Ready


  • Best Practice Strategies
  • EMC Professional Services Assessments
  • Rapid Success Programs
  • Intelligence Deployment and Upgrade Tools


  • Scheduling Considerations
  • Support Timelines
  • Next steps

They choose to highlight three areas of innovation: Documentum xCP 2.0, Captiva 7 and Documentum D2 4.1.

One good thing about the new xCP is that it includes a viewer inside the GUI to be able to view documents along with all the context around it. By the way it is one of the things I like with Alfresco Share. It is an important way to reducing user mouse clicks. Saves time and effort.

All the developer tools from earlier releases have now been harmonized into one single tool called xCP Designer. Another aspect that is important is to be able to create a data-driven UI which is important if process orientation is not the best way to approach business support. That data can be internal or external from things like Greenplum.

David also hightlighted the new autolearning feature in Captiva 7.

Over to performance the same diagrams that we have seen before where show. Really drastic performance improvements which of course mean that the old versions now look very slow. The benchmarks were made with Windows 2008 Server allowing for a multi-threaded environment.

New security features include FIPS 140-2 Level 1 compliance, Centralized Key Management and 128-bit AES encruption.

When it comes to D2 4.1 I think it is becoming more and more “feature enough” (not complete) to include many of the advanced things you expect and is existing in Webtop-applications today. 4.1 also include Syncplicity integration to allow external sharing with people who does not have access to Documentum D2. Right now it is folder-based and one way (push). Pull is coming in 2014.

When it comes to upgrades the installer now supports version 6.5 and newer to upgrade to D7. The upgrade path include options to move to new clients without having to upgrade to D7 directly.

Support for DAM (including Media Workspace) and Centerstage 1.2 is coming in 2013.

Increase Productivity:  Delighting Disney РHow Disney Transformed their Support Support Experience

Disney uses to Documentum to power their Business-to-Business license operations for all their major brands. Theey use Content Server, DAM(top) and Media Transformation Services. It uses a 100% custom Flex application for search & discovery, organisation and delivery of content. The delivery and cache solution is also 100% custom.

To ingest content they have also developed a 100% custom Flex/Air application. Their CTS are highly customized for DMC’s custom thumbnail, preview renditions and CMYK compability (for print I guess).

All in all Documentum provids security and workflow around the creative assets (but only 2D art work).

It took Disney a couple of years before they realized that they needed some additional support from EMC, I guess also because they seemed to have a fairly small team in-house. They have a Technical Account Manager (TAM) assigned to them which conducts weekly meetings with Disney together with the Designated Support Engineer (DSE). The DSE also has access to a replica of the Disney system at EMC. Internally Disney uses four different systems from dev, verification, production copy and production.

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