EMC World 2013 and Momentum 13 begin

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Here again in Las Vegas for the biggest conference event of the year for. So it has been for quite a few years. Started coming here in 2007 and that was a VERY different conference than it is now. Both EMC World in general and Momentum in particular. Back then it wasn’t even called Momentum, I guess in an effort to harmonize all things EMC under one brand. It did not work out that well for us interested in Documentum. So they listened and now the Momentum area with lounge and our small ribbons on the name tag seem to be a stable concept.

Now I am seated in the Blogger’s space. A spacious environment for those of us who want to have a water hole to put down our thoughts on blogs and social media. New this year is “laptop bars” with power outlets and internet on ethernet cables. Also new is the EMC Elect space for those of us belonging to that club.

Monday has become a little bit of a slow starter day, maybe because the first part of the day is devoted to  the partner conference. For me the main sessions starts in the afternoon. Looking forwards to the EMC Elect meeting with Jeroen van Rotterdam and the rest of the engineering lead of IIG this afternoon. Wonder what the main focus will be this year.

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