CPU, Cores and software licenses

In an article in ComputerWorld there is a good discussion around license models for different software vendors. There seem to be a mix of per socket pricing and some notion of a CPU and that each CPU corresponds to a number of processor cores. In EMC:s case for instance a CPU-license corresponds to 2 Cores and Oracle has a similar model. The number of processor cores is steadily increasing and soon it will be common with 6-8 cores per socket on server hardware. I agree with the article that that these models need some kind of revision. This is especially true if you sign longer contracts where this development can lead to some interesting issues. Server hardware need to be replace sooner or later because of power, storage or just performance reasons. It is not uncommon that the idea is to get fewer but more powerful servers in order to save power and cooling.

The interesting effect then is even if you can consolidate software applications on fewer hardware they each overstep their licenses in terms of server cores. What about virtualisation then? Well, that is of course also the future so power can be load-balanced between applications more easily. However, that means that the license model must allow for using virtualisation to throttle down to any number of cores per licensed application. In Oracle’s case again that usually means a requirement to run their own virtualisation product even if you have a VMWare investment.

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