Exhausting console gaming

I follow the technological development of most things which has to do with computers and IT as close as I can. Naturally I read a lot about the Nintendo Wii gaming console when it was introduced. It was clear that Nintendo chose to not continue the fight for the most powerful gaming console with Sony and Microsoft. Instead they focused on the gaming experienced and introduced a new set of motion-sensitive controls couple with fun games which made you move the hand control instead of pushing buttons.

A few days after Christmas I went to visit Sören and Daniel who lives very close to very I grew up. A couple of other people where also there and one of them had brough her Nintendo Wii game so it became a good chance to try it out. We played ski slalom, snowboard, ski jump, “steer the bubble” but also tennis and boxing and it was so fun and exhausting. It was way more fun than I thought and much more exhausting. After 3×3 min of boxing I completely crashed in the sofa panting like I had been running 400 meters or something. Earlier I had thought really hard to get myself a Playstation 3 mainly to get the combination of a gaming console and a Bluray player but after playing Wii it became harder to choose. I would really need to do the excercises bundled with the board to improve my coordination. Two days after I had still sore muscles 🙂

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  1. Hmm det tar nästan fem dygn för dina inlägg att dyka upp på min bloggkoll, verkar bara vara från just dig det strular 🙁 Nåväl, bättre sent än aldrig! Kram och god fortsättning!

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