Speaking at Momentum 08 in Prague on Tuesday

I have arrived to Prague today to attend EMC’s Momentum 08 conference which focuses around their Documentum product line. I love travelling and especially flying and have no problem at all spending time at big international airports. However, being by yourself in big towns when heading for a dinner is not always that nice. However, now I am having a great time after a warm bath and lying in my bathrobe watching BBC World and using my computer.

On Tuesday at 0945 I will be speaking at the conference. My session in the Software Development Track is called “Active Knowledge Management using Documentum D6.5”. The full description looks like this:

The Swedish Armed Forces uses EMC Documentum D6.5 at the Joint Concepts Development and Experimentation Centre to develop staff procedures for a next-generation operational HQ. Based on the knowledge support concept, a customized EMC Documentum solution, using multiple user interfaces to access all kinds of digital content, has been developed.

My presentation will cover our workflow implementation using TaskSpace and BAM, our customized relationship object, graphical visualization of relationship and our integration with external search engines and GIS-systems. It will be interesting to get some reactions to our concept and how we make use of the Documentum platform. I hope for reactions not only from EMC employees but also from other big customers.

Download the full conference programme

6 thoughts on “Speaking at Momentum 08 in Prague on Tuesday

  1. Låter fantastiskt spännande, vem njuter inte av att resa 🙂 lycka till på tisdag! Kram

  2. Prag och flygplan i all ära men det där med flygplan kan du ju redan;) och Prag är kul…på sommaren. More important, hur gick det med presentationen? Vad fick du för reaktioner och har du något mer pryl eller dokumentskvaller klart att förtella? 😉

  3. I wasn’t present at Momentum this year. I hope that your session went well and that you were able to get the feedback from it you hoped for. Cheers…

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