I will be a speaker at Momentum 08 in Prague

This weekend I got a nice surprise in an email from EMC which confirmed that my speaking proposal had been accepted. So now I guess I will be going to Momentum 08 Prague as a speaker! It feels great and I look forward to it a lot. Unfortunately it is in the middle of a very important week at work but I got confirmation from my commanding officer today that I can at least fly down for the day to give the speech and possibly also check out the other sessions that day. My sessions is entitled “Active Knowledge Management using Documentum D6” and will be focusing on how we use Documentum as a foundation to work proactively to support end users in finding, organizing and utilizing their information in a military HQ. Fortunately it looks like we are going to do another major step in taking our platform forward and that will not only include a very early upgrade to D6.5 but I will also get my data-deduplication feature 🙂 It sure will be an interestung autumn.

2 thoughts on “I will be a speaker at Momentum 08 in Prague

  1. Alexandra,
    you can not go to Prague just for one day. Have you ever been to the city? I lived there for several years and then was a frequent visitor and I just love the city and the feeling you have when you are there.
    You need to stay at least for three days to see the minimum what Prague has to offer. The sightseeing, beer, food and night life..it is just one of the greatest cities of this world.
    Take care

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