On my way to Las Vegas and EMC World 2012

┬áManaged to get access to the lounge at Chicago O’Hare while waiting for our flight to Las Vegas later. Really looking forward to come back to Vegas and the Momentum conference. Last time at EMC World was 2010 in Boston where I was a speaker. I really hope they have kept the Momentum-feeling that I think we all appreciated. Our own area for the sessions, a lounge and a badge of some kind indicating that we are all about software and not huge hard drives. Will be great to listen to all the sessions around Enterprise Content Management and information management as well as interact with both EMC staff as well as customers. Those of us that like to go to conferences like EMC World have one thing in common. We have seen the issues large organizations have with digital content and want (even know how) to something about it. That understanding is sadly not something to expect in our daily lives. I really, really hope that we will see interfaces on top of Documentum that we can show colleagues with pride this year. Modern tools on top of a great platform.

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  1. I totally agree! A great UX and visual appeal is should be on the top of the agenda. The leaks for xCP2 seem to be fantastic! – Keep us updated through tweets & posts.

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