Month: November 2011

Reflections from Momentum 2011 Berlin

EMC (IIG) the company A real tech company Responsive employees Easy to get access inside the company Willing to share information Sometimes hard to figure out ”who is who” in EMC Information Intelligence Group (IIG) As a customer it is important how the company feels. My experience is that EMC is a company where you can find tech-savvy people who ...Read More

Notes from the Momentum 2011 session “Current and Future Architecture of Documentum”

These are notes from the session with Jeroen van Rotterdam, Chief Architect, IIG Services. It may contain errors and all these sessions are subject to change from an EMC perspective. The focus on the Documentum 6.7 release was improved quality and performance improvements Gives an example from a classic HA Configuration consisting of: LoadBalancer 4 Web Servers 1 DocBroker 2 ...Read More