Month: May 2008

Star Trek – The Experience

I have always liked Science Fiction and as you might know got hooked on a few lately like Stargate SG-1, Stargate Atlantis, Eureka and a few others. However, a science fiction classic is Star Trek and I have watched quite a few even though I would not consider myself a real "Trekkie". My favorite Star Trek show is Voyager with ...Read More

Cirque Du Soleil at MGM Grand

Still feeliing rather sick today but managed to sleep rather well and rested in bed in my room at Luxor. Can be worse, after all. Watched C-span and the defense debates and it was rather interesting, especially the language they used. "The Gentlemen from Texas is recognized" was a phrase I heard a lot. Meant that the congressmen had been ...Read More

EMC World 2008 Reflections

This was a great conference I think which does not mean that things can't be improved but let me come to that later on. I like the fact that the conference is very technical because it gives me a way to find out what can be done with this large toolbox that Documentum is. I found most more business-oriented presentations ...Read More

EMC World 2008: What is new with content transformations

Presented by Tim Shaw at EMC World 2008 in Las Vegas Document Transformation Services (DTS) can transform - MS Word, Excel, PPT, Project, VIsio to PDF and HTML - PostScript (PS) to PDF - WordPerfect to PDF and HTML Advanced Document Transformation Services (ADTS) - Additional formats, CAD, MSG EMC Mail, PDF/A, PDF/X output - Merge, split, watermarks, overlays, bookmarks, ...Read More

EMC World 2008: D6 Webtop – Focus on Knowledge Workers

Presented by Peggy Ringhausen Principal Product Manager during EMC World 2008 Different areas: - Simple to use (Any content type - Searchable (Flexible, federatedm consolidated results) - Collaborative (Team-oriented, extended enterprise, secure) - Agile (available anywhere, contextual, integrated) Presets in D6 - configuration - even more in D7 Better preferences Saved searched improved and search templates WebTop 6.5 in late ...Read More

The vision for the Modern Knowledge Worker

Presented during EMC World 2008 by: John McCormick, GM Knowledge Worker Business Unit Today's Problem: An information Explosion The nature of content management has changed, IM, email, videos etc Spend so much time finding things... Who is the Knowledge Worker? - Work in different or remote locations - Create and work with a variety of different content - Engage in ...Read More

EMC Documentum Dynamic Delivery Service (DDS)

Presented at EMC World 2008 by: Jeroen van Rotterdam, former CEO of X-hive, General Manager for XML Solutions Michiel Veen, heading the engineering of XML Solutions A new product - platform or framework for dynamic content delivery. The Repository consists of these components: Content Files Attribute Tables in RDBMS XML Store, pure native XML DB Full-text indices What about Personalized ...Read More