Month: May 2007

EPCOT Segway Tour

I have been to Walt Disney World (WDW) for four years in a row now and even though I still love it there is always nice to find something new that I have not seen before. One of these things are the special backstage tours that Disney offers to experienced Disney guests who want to see and do some more. ...Read More

At the Disney MGM Studios

Today we visited Disney´s MGM Studios and had great fun there. We also tried Disney´s photopass service which is based on a small card with 2D barcode that you carry around. Whenever you see an official Disney photographer you just hand them the card, they snap an image or two and it gets tagged for upload at a website later. ...Read More

Documentum 6 looks really promising

EMC World 2007 have come to an end and I am almost exhausted after many intensive sessions on different parts of the Documentum platform. And platform is the right word since there a large number of products/modules available that makes it possible set up the system to do just anything. Documentum 6 is of course a major release and there ...Read More

Enterprise Content Management on Mac OS X Server

Today I have an article posted on a Swedish Macsite called which focuses on professional Mac-users. It explores the concept of ECM and points out the open-source solution Alfresco as a good alternative for Mac-users. Unfortunately the big ECM-vendors in the market do not support Mac OS X on the serverside. Idag har jag artikel om avancerade dokumenthantering publicerad ...Read More

EMC World

Sitting an huge hall now and listening to the EMC World keynote together with thousands of other people. This facitility is absolutley monstrous in its size. I will post a picture from the breakfast hall later on. Well, back to the keynote. It deals a lot of with the nature of information and the huge amount of information that we ...Read More

In Orlando Florida again

Woke up rather early today to get moving down to Florida again. We started by eating an all american breakfast at the Red Flame on 44th street. Even though it is really not the healthiest food on the planet I like to treat myself that for a few times when I am in the States. It is something particular with ...Read More

Enterprise search AND Enterprise Content Management not OR

The first day of the Enterprise Search Summit here in New York city was interesting. Enterprise Search vendors have a tendency to promote search as an alternative to ECM-platforms. One of the most clear messages today was the opposite - both technologies are needed and the effort should be put on integration instead. Further on the level of intergration options ...Read More

5th Avenue Apple Store

Today we arrived in New York and the weather was just great. The sun was shining and the temperature was rather warm, like an early summer day in Sweden. We decided to take a walk in Central Park and everywhere people were relaxing and sun-bathing on the green lawns. After the park we ended up in corner at the 5th ...Read More