Month: January 2007

Why don

Sometimes I have a hard time understandning how people really work. I sometimes find myself in a situation when I am sitting in a group of people and someone is suddenly referreing to me as "him" or say "Well, boys..." to the group and I am the only woman sitting there. Usually no one ever says anything (to correct and ...Read More

Hillary for President

Well, today it happened and I guess we have all just waiting for when rather than if :) . Hillary Clinton have officially announced her ambitions to become the next US President by forming a so called Exploratory Committee on her own webpage. I personally was a big fan of the TV-show Commander-in-Chief and even though it was prematurely cancelled ...Read More

Steve Jobs Keynote

Well, of course I followed it though I wish Apple would broadcast live as it did a years ago. However, a few hundred thousand of us Apple-fans still gather at our computers to watch (or rather read) live text comments about the content of the keynote. That means that someone in Moscone Center is sitting with a MacBook and a ...Read More