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EMC World 2008: D6 Webtop – Focus on Knowledge Workers

Presented by Peggy Ringhausen Principal Product Manager during EMC World 2008 Different areas: - Simple to use (Any content type - Searchable (Flexible, federatedm consolidated results) - Collaborative (Team-oriented, extended enterprise, secure) - Agile (available anywhere, contextual, integrated) Presets in D6 - configuration - even more in D7 Better preferences Saved searched improved and search templates WebTop 6.5 in late ...Read More

The vision for the Modern Knowledge Worker

Presented during EMC World 2008 by: John McCormick, GM Knowledge Worker Business Unit Today's Problem: An information Explosion The nature of content management has changed, IM, email, videos etc Spend so much time finding things... Who is the Knowledge Worker? - Work in different or remote locations - Create and work with a variety of different content - Engage in ...Read More

Figuring out the collaboration tools in our intranet toolbox

I see myself as a translator between people speaking military and information technology languages. These two groups come from different worlds and have very different views of the world. The military people likes to speak about requirements from a very abstract standpoint and think the details should be worked out by someone else. They rarely have any knowledge of what ...Read More

An interesting meeting in Gothenburg

The possibilities of the Internet never stops to amaze me. There is a real shift in the way we people interact and get together nowadays. As many of you know I am an avid internet user and I follow around 50 blogs or so using the RSS feature in Safari. Mainly I read blogs in three categories: personal/LGBT-blogs, Mac-related blogs ...Read More