Interesting details about Documentum licensing

Today I learned some interesting things about the names and licensing of Documentum products. MediaWorkSpace which was previously announced as included in the DAM license will now require its own license. A little bit strange since it is merely handling image files so far. The Magellan essentials license however will be included in each Content Server license which is good. The full Magellan client (which for a while was called IntelliSpace) will be a separate license when it will become available. I also learned that there are no longer any licenses for Reporting Services developer which limits the number of Crystal Reports designer tools in your system. Instead there are is a CPU license for Reporting Services allowing as many designers as you like in your system. Furthermore I learned that what is labeled Business Process Management includes both Documentum Process Builder and Forms Builder but only used one at the time on one machine. Forms Builder can be bought as a separate license. We had intended to get Forms User licenses but we chose to for some TaskSpace clients instead where Forms User is included. At EMC World we also learned that the Process Engine DocApp is required to run BAM in Documentum D6.5

Grateful for any clarifications or corrections if someone have found out something else.


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  1. Hi,

    is it correct that CenterStage (former Magellan) is build with Adobe Flex Technology (the UI)?

    Greets and Thanks for your Blog.

  2. Hi,

    Could you please let me know the cost of documentum license for content server/webtop/DA


  3. Oliver: No, CenterStage is built using AJAX and ExtJS libraries.

    Bharadwaj: Frankly it is impossible to say. EMC has their list prices which are rather expensive. However, as many enterprise vendors it is very much a negotiation depending on your need and situation. Contact an EMC representative and try for yourself. Just don’t pay what they initially ask for 🙂

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