5th Avenue Apple Store

Alexandra outside the 5th Avenue Apple Store in New York City

Today we arrived in New York and the weather was just great. The sun was shining and the temperature was rather warm, like an early summer day in Sweden. We decided to take a walk in Central Park and everywhere people were relaxing and sun-bathing on the green lawns. After the park we ended up in corner at the 5th Avenue Apple Store, you know the one with just a big glass-cube with the Apple logo in it. The actual store is below the street level. It was wonderful to see the stream of people going down the glass staircase. Apple products are really popular.


To the US again

Today I am leaving for the US again. I always look forward to go there and I have been fortunate to do that several times a year for a few years now. This time we will first go to New York City for the Enterprise Search Summit at the Hilton and then to Orlando, Florida for EMC World 2007 Momentum conference. I look forward to both of them because with last years experiences in mind I believe we have a lot of opportunities to finding how more about how to solve our needs for information and knowledge management.

The Enterprise Search Summit will start with one day of workshops and then followed by two days of more formal presentations. All, I mean all big companies in the Enterprise Search Business are there.

EMC World’s Momentum conference is the main conference where all users of Documentum meet to learn about the latest of that particular platform. I look forward to hearing more about the next release (ver 6 – ”D6”) of Documentum. A lot of exciting new features and technologies that we need to understand in order to see how and if they fit in our strategies.