Why don

Sometimes I have a hard time understandning how people really work. I sometimes find myself in a situation when I am sitting in a group of people and someone is suddenly referreing to me as ”him” or say ”Well, boys…” to the group and I am the only woman sitting there. Usually no one ever says anything (to correct and remind) even though it is people I know. I have thinking about this and just wonder why they don´t. Here are some options:

– They did not notice at all.
– They do not care.
– They want to say something but think it is better for me not to.
– They want to say something but do not want to take that conflict (now).
– They agree.

Of course I also wonder why people say this at all. I am sure no one means any harm but somehow something about me or what I do make them not think of me as a female. The strange part is that in each moment it so very hard to figure out what that is. The question is of course if I know that, would I want to change all of that just to pass as a woman? Sometimes I might just want to be myself and occasionally it has the drawback of being seen as a sign of the other sex. This of course happens to all people but I guess it usually means more for my appearance than others. Still, quite a few men strive really hard to not ”act female” in any way 🙂

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