The past weeks have as interesting as they have been about hard work. Me and my closest collegue have become some kind of chief software architects for the upcoming experiment called Demo 06h that will take place later this autumn. It have involved a lot of work to coordinate all the different functions that are needed to support a Combined Joint Task Force (CJTF) Headquarters. The setting for this experiment is focused on something called Effects-Based Approach to Operations (EBAO). Basically it is a new process and method to plan, execute and assess multinational crisis operations. This concept is essentially a new process on the same level as NATO’s Operational Planning Process (OPP). Being involved in the design of what we call the Collaborative Information Environment (CIE) is the most interesting (and fun!) thing I have done in my career so far. I realize more and more that what I like most to work with is integrating modern information technology with organizational processes. I like to mention two different tools that we have worked with. The first one is Marratech which is a collaboration client supporting video, audio, presence, text chat, whyteboard and shared desktops. The other one is a very advanced content management platform called Documentum.