People from our tech-passionate network of knowledge workers engage in Content Perspective in various forms. Below we present some of them most active in its everyday operations.

Portrait Picture of Alexandra Kafka Larsson

Alexandra Kafka Larsson is the founder and CEO of Content Perspective AB. The company is a natural continuation of her previous work as a military intelligence officer, political scientist, digitalisation advisor and a visionary chief architect.

She served as full-time commissioned officer in the Swedish Air Force for over 20 years. She achieved the rank of Major (OF-3) and is still a reserve officer. Her roles include Strategic Architect Information Management, Technical Lead Concept System for Intelligence and Security at the Armed Forces Headquarters Procurement & Training Command and the Intelligence & Security Branch. Previously she served as the Concept Lead at the Joint Concept Development and Experimentation Centre (JCDEC) in Enköping responsible for developing information and knowledge management methods and supporting technology.

She has a background from a front-line fighter squadron working with training fighter pilots in academia as well as mission planning and electronic warfare. She also has a bachelor in Political Science from the University of Lund in southern Sweden.

Alexandra has also been a part of the Enterprise Content Management community since 2006 and has been a passionate advocate for managing digital content with enterprise tools like Opentext Documentum and Alfresco. Alexandra has often been invited to speak at industry events about her vision of managing digital content. Today her effort has shifted to cloud-native platforms and leveraging the power of cloud technologies to achieve the continued vision of better digital content collaboration, analysis and presentation.

Alexandra is also one of the two women serving in the Swedish Armed Forces with a background as a transsexual woman. She continue to serve the LGBTQ community as Chairperson of the Board of RFSL Media and Information AB. To read more about her personal story, see her page:

Jonathan Hörnhagen is a tech-savvy communications professional, specialized in rhetorics. Bringing him into Content Perspective was his long-time passion utilizing and spreading the newest technologies available to make knowledge work smarter and presentations more engaging. Currently, Jonathan is freelancing doing digital transformation workshops, speech and communications consultancy. He also works for the Swedish Educational Broadcasting Company (Swedish: Utbildningsradion, UR) doing a gameshow and public speaking educational show for teenagers, called “Retorikmatchen” (English: The Game of Rhetorics). Prior to his engagement in Content Perspective, Jonathan worked as a global communication manager for Oriflame, a large-cap beauty cosmetics company founded in Sweden.