Hillary for President

Well, today it happened and I guess we have all just waiting for when rather than if 🙂 . Hillary Clinton have officially announced her ambitions to become the next US President by forming a so called Exploratory Committee on her own webpage. I personally was a big fan of the TV-show Commander-in-Chief and even though it was prematurely cancelled I think it prepared the US people for a woman in the Oval Office. I am reading her book now and I can´t help liking her – I think she will be a good President.


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  1. I have to disagree with you Alexandra, she is not a good person, she voted for war and is still supporting it. She belongs to the same people GWB is coming from. Her candidacy is founded by right wing and she is a warmonger just like W.
    I don;t think that we are ready for Bush/Clinton/Bush/Clinton we are ready for someone totally new like Obama or Edwards
    Well, don’t take me wrong but I am not going to support Hilary only because she is a woman.
    I love your page and good luck with the surgery.

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