Another one of my friends joined the good forces of the world – the community of Mac users. This time a really dear friend of mine and as always when I have talked my friends into getting a Mac I want them to enjoy their new investment. For some reason I still get a bit surprised to see that the Mac is actually as easy and pretty as I told them. My friend more or less became the prefect example of a good switcher when she immediately figured out how iPhoto worked and started doing creative stuff with all her images right away…she stayed up until 6 o’clock in the morning just because it was that fun. Amazing, isn’t it?! It is like the magic of Mac OS X brings out the urge to do stuff that for some reason (Windows!) seem a little bit to hard before.

BTW, soon Apple need to start some kind of kick-back program for all us how converts people in masses. I have soon passed generating 50 Macs 🙂