Presented by Tim Shaw at EMC World 2008 in Las Vegas

Document Transformation Services (DTS) can transform
– MS Word, Excel, PPT, Project, VIsio to PDF and HTML
– PostScript (PS) to PDF
– WordPerfect to PDF and HTML

Advanced Document Transformation Services (ADTS)
– Additional formats, CAD, MSG EMC Mail, PDF/A, PDF/X output
– Merge, split, watermarks, overlays, bookmarks, hyperlinks, thumbnailing and storyboarding

Media Transformation Services (MTS)
– Transforming and analyzing graphics/illustrations, animations,
– Storyboarding of PDF and PPT
– Integration with streaming sevr
– Intelligenct presenation support
– XMP metadata round-tripping
– Today moves metadata between files in the transformation process

Audio/video Transformation Services (AVTS)
– Thumbnail
– Storyboad
– Transformation of all common video and audion
– Support for very lagre file architecture through Avalon

XML Transformation Services
– Transform XML to PDF, HTML, Compile HTML
– Support for DITA, DITAMAP, DocBook
– Provide PDF and HTML outputs for those
– Automatic pick of correct rendition for each channel

Note that renditions are below the object in the model….ACLs are on the object level but you can create new objects for each rendition and link them to the original.

Fully extensible through SDK and Java API
Admin features for CTS is available in DA

Transformations occur automatically on:
– Content import
-.Content versioning
– Life cycle state changes
– Workflow activities

It can also be triggered on demand through a transformation wizard

Automating Transformation
Invoked automatically based on format and documentum type

Transformation parameters
You can hide certain paramenters
Convert to PDF
– Create to three different profiles with different selections available
Examples of settings:
– Read-only
– Allow printing
– Allow cut&paste in pdf
– Optimize for web
– Downsample

Chaining transformations so you can have parallell transformation running or having serial transformations in several steps.

Deployment Options – Architecture
One-to-many: One CTS working on several repositiories
Many-to-one: Multipole CTS working one repository
Many-to-one Tuned: Decide which components run on which server

New in 6.0
– Improved transformation UI
– Queue management
– Usage diagnostics, reporting and usage tracking (set of data we put in a table that can be pulled to a diagnostics tool – could be used in Reporting Services but nothing done so far) Choose whether or not to archive or purge the information in that table.

– Profile Editior (which creates XML-docs that can be moved between systems)

CTS Activities for BPM
– Automatic transformations from CTS

XML transformation services
– Support for any XML Transform Scenario
– DITA and DocBook support

NEW IN 6.5

Enhanced Architecture
– Real time no content sevrer queue
To provide real-time response to a transformation request
All TS available with realtime requests
Contentent may or may not be in a repository
Results can be returned to the client or place in repository
Request status available for feedback to client apps
Admin can configure when to override real-time requests with asynchronous mode
A new DFS Appserver with round-robin load-balancer, decide which nodes will support real-time
Ambition to make the load balancing algorithms pluggable.

– WS Accessibility (transform requests, profile management)
– More format support (EMCmail format, Flash video support)

– Distributed Environment Support
Content in a BOCS environment is handled. Can have CTS in branch office and then move renditions back to the central repository

– Intelligent handling of requests with content on BOC
– XML Transformations (support for export of different graphics resolution based on output channell, additional output formats in DITA Q


In-place transformations – large video
Flex-based UI
Link Resolution Management (OLE-support)
More format support
– Speech-to-text
– Creative Suite III, IV
– Improved CAD, including better 3D support
More Web Services
– Reporting and Admin capabilities
– Monitoring of requests
– Tape Ingest ingegration

Moving to support Photoshop and Illustrator support primarliy, possibly also InDesign-formats through Indesign Server. However, the previously open Indesign format has now gone proprietary. Working with Adobe and others to replace Adobe Graphics Server which apparently is going away.