I have a company!

Over the past year I have got some requests to do lectures about my experiences in life and also to produce documentary movies. So I decided it was time to start my own little company. I guess I should have done this years ago but the paper work always seemed so daunting. This time a friend of mine was about to start her own company and since she was focusing on offering accounting services it seemed like a good fit.

So now it is all done and it is called:

The Right Kind of Fruit

Which I thought was really clever since there are a somewhat obvious (depending how well you know me) reference to my favorite brand, Apple. The next project will be to set up my website.

So if you want me to come to you to talk about my experiences from being a transsexual send me an email. I usually try to talk about it in a broader perspective with reflections on gender, collective norms and how we relate to them as human beings.


2 svar på ”I have a company!

  1. Nämen! Vad konstigt, igår kollade jag senast och då var det fortfarande bara inlägget från i julas. Nu har det tillkommit massa datum. Konstigt. Men trevligt med uppdatering 🙂

  2. Jag är lite ojämn i skrivandet….så ibland skriver jag ”ikapp” för att det inte ska bli en massa hål….ibland känns det som jag måste smälta saker innan jag kan skriva om det…:)

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