I remember watching the Stargate movie at the cinemas in the 90-ies and the story really struck a nerve in me. It was a twist of science fiction that got me. It somehow seemed a little bit more realistic in some way and still had all the ingredients of exploring the unknown. The thing I remember the most was not liking the ending and that I desperately wanted to see more. Therefore it is both strange and unfortunate (as Teal´c put it) that I did not really discovered the TV show until this year.
Stargate SG-1 is a wonderful show about exploration of new worlds with a lot of fun and interesting characters. Since I work in the Swedish Air Force and is somewhat a techno nerd I can of course identify with Captain Samantha Carter (I know she is promoted along the way :-). Reading about the show and how fun all the people in the production crew seem to have is probably the reason why it turned out so good. There seemed to be a special kind of feeling among everyone involved and I heard they took really good care of the fans when they were invited to the set. I am really sad that MGM has decided to not make an 11th season. However, I really look forward to the two feature lengths movies coming up soon. I hope (and beg) that MGM will reconsider and at least make one season more of the show!

Previously I have not considered going to any of these Sci-Fi conventions but I would actually like to go to a Stargate convention once to meet some of the crew and talk to other fans about the whole story. There are so many things to explore further. Everything from how the script writers actually thought to facts and plots that need some clarifications. It would also be interesting to know more how the actors relate to their characters and the story of the show.