Sitting an huge hall now and listening to the EMC World keynote together with thousands of other people. This facitility is absolutley monstrous in its size. I will post a picture from the breakfast hall later on. Well, back to the keynote. It deals a lot of with the nature of information and the huge amount of information that we in the world create today. This year we will create information the size of 3 million times all the books ever written and by 2010 it will have expanded to almost a zetabyte. EMC as a storage company of course see its role in this area especially when information need to be managed in some way. Deals with both security, versioning, rights management and much more. The keynote is so far ok but I am unfortunately spoiled with the way Steve Jobs does his keynotes and this is no way near that.
Looking forward to hearing a lot about the new features in Documentum ver 6 this afternoon.

You can find a short video of it here