Woke up rather early today to get moving down to Florida again. We started by eating an all american breakfast at the Red Flame on 44th street. Even though it is really not the healthiest food on the planet I like to treat myself that for a few times when I am in the States. It is something particular with these benches and enourmous oval plates with omelettes and hash browns. After that we got a car to the airport, a huge black SUV. Felt almost like riding a Secret Service van 🙂 The flight down to Orlando was fine even though Continental had oversold the plane (again!) but we had not trouble getting on after a few people gave up their seat for a later plane.

Back in Orlando we took the Mears shuttle and it was such a nice feeling to be back at the Gaylord Palms Resort again. In the picture I am standing in front of the basin where one of the hotel´s restaurant is located. It is on the big sailing boat in the background. Yes, it is indoor!

Alexandra at the Gaylord Palms Resort