Mini Cooper D Clubman Nightfire Red
It has been ready for a couple of days but believe it or not but I had so much to at work that I could not squeeze in the time to go to Uppsala to get it. However, today I finally decided that it could not wait any more so I raced to Uppsala in my Mini Cooper S for the last time and enjoyed the big engine as much as I could 😉 When I got to Novation (the name of the car dealer) my sales person was taking it out of the garage just as I rolled in. It looked wonderfully red in the sunshine and I immediately felt it was a good decision. The new car is certified as an environmental car by the Swedish Road Administration (Vägverket) and consumes around half of the fuel per 10 km compared to my old car. It also has cool features such as brake-regeneration of electric power and an ”enviromental” stop feature which makes the engine stop (while everything else is running) when you put the gear stick into neutral. A small touch on the clutch (koppling) makes the engine start again. Highly useful in Stockholm’s rush-hour. The car also has a new iPod interface which is a real improvement over the old one. This one speaks Swedish and allows you to navigate just as you do on the iPod and show the title of the current song in the display. So my car is essentially an iPod accessory 🙂