Cirque Du Soleil at MGM Grand

Still feeliing rather sick today but managed to sleep rather well and rested in bed in my room at Luxor. Can be worse, after all. Watched C-span and the defense debates and it was rather interesting, especially the language they used. ”The Gentlemen from Texas is recognized” was a phrase I heard a lot. Meant that the congressmen had been given the floor. It actually started raining as well – something I did not expect here in the middle of the desert.

Anyway, we had bought tickets to Cirque Du Soleil: Ka for this evening so I managed to fix my self up a bit and we started walking towards MGM Grand where it is being played. Before the show we went towards the Mexican restaurant called ”Diego” and on our way we saw a small crowd and some stir among the people and flashes from cameras firing. I managed to see who generated all of this fuzz and in the middle was Robin Williams, probably on his way towards some activity before his Sunday performance at the MGM Grand.

After a nice mexican dinner in a really cool restaurant which mostly was in red we headed off to Cirque Du Soleil. The arena is huge and has a really cool design which makes you feel you have almost entered a different domain. The performance is a very well choreographed flow of both stylished and breathtaking acrobatics in all dimensions possible. The scene is a very impressive set of machinery which changes the whole scene in all possible ways. The theme is some mix of asian martial arts, mad max and some science fiction scenery. No one leaves there unmarvelled.


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